Flute Lessons

In Classical, Jazz, Contemporary-improvisation, Funk, Klezmer, Folk, Light classical, and more.

Yael is an award-winning, international Fulbright scholar flutist, composer, recording artist, and educator.
As flutist rooted in the legendary classical French flute discipline from a young age, Yael has mastered her art in Classical, Jazz and other rhythmic styles, with interpretations and improvisations in different genres.
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With a vast experience teaching flute and record to individuals and groups individuals, in Israel, Denmark, and USA, Yael’s lessons are available in person and online to students of all levels and ages.

The flute lessons are customized according to the students’ needs and preferences:
From young children, youth, or adults beginning to learn music to professional reed –doublers polishing- up their flute skills, to amateur flutists in all levels or flute students training for high education auditions.

Album reviews:
– “a unique phenomenon on a number of accounts…realizing [Bach] in terms of what the flute does best…greater flexibility and fluency of Kat’s flute… Kat’s solo flute pieces…track the poet’s thoughts as perfect correlative, in beautiful sine curves of sound that enrapture and illuminate our minds.” By Phil’s Review, Atlanta Audio Club (2020)

– “’Flute Soundscapes’ offers the key to describing these pieces. Added percussion, electronic manipulation, and sound effects too abstract to describe contribute to the music. Extended playing techniques such as simultaneous singing and playing, air attacks with no tone, bending pitches, and glissandos are fundamental to the sound palette. The tone quality in these pieces is great well centered, and deployed with much variety. “ By Gorman, CD Review- Guide to Records, American Record Guide (2021).

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