Flute Soundscapes:
Baroque to Contemporary

The Fulbright award-winning flutist and composer, Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano’s concerts and recordings with diversified programs presents a wide range of music expressions.

With concerts at churches, urban architectural constructions with special acoustics, and contemporary festivals, Modiano has performed at such venues as: The High Line, Roulette, The Crypt at Church of the Intercession, Rubin Museum, and NY Botanical Garden (New York City, USA), Sound Symposium (St. John, Canada), Immanuel Church (Tel Aviv/Jaffa, Israel), Dormition Abbey (Jerusalem, Israel) Lund Dom Church (Lund, Sweden), Marmor Kirke, Glypoteket (Copenhagen), Roskilde DomKirke (Denmark), Braila New Music Festival (Romania), etc.

Modiano began classical flute training at age nine and studied with Dr. Uri Teplitz, Rami Tal, Moshe Epstein, Raanan Eilon in Israel, and with Dr. Toke Lund Christiansen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Modiano received a Bachelor of Music degree with excellence in Classical Flute Performing Arts from Rubin Academy in Jerusalem in 1992, where she also studied electronic music composition with Dr. Tzvi Avni and attended jazz courses. She continued studying her master’s in composition as a Fulbright Scholar in New York University. (See bio and CV) 

Her flute sonority attributes to the legendary French Classical-Flute School practices of Philippe Gaubert, Paul Taffanel, and Marcel Moyse. Rooted deeply in this established aesthetics, however, she continuously explores new ways to interpret Classical pieces, some of which are written initially for other instruments.

As a composer and interpreter, Modiano takes her audiences and listeners on a journey through time and diverse music expressions. 

Her repertoire features Baroque to Modern and Neo Classical, to Contemporary, interpreting pieces by composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach, Claud Debussy, Paul Hindemith, Olivier Messiaen, as well as Yael Acher-Modiano’s original acoustic and electro-acoustic contemporary compositions.

The diversity here is meant to allow the audience to experience the uniqueness of each individual piece.

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Modiano’s Contemporary pieces are based on motifs, sound texture, structures, and improvisations. These pieces challenge conventional concepts of beauty, tonality, rhythm, harmony, and melody. (See more on Contemporary on menu).

See DISCOGRAPHY for “KAT” Modiano album Releases Here.

“[R]ealizing [Bach] in terms of what the flute does best…greater flexibility and fluency of Kat’s flute”
By Phil’s Review, Atlanta Audio Club, November issue 2020.

“[T]he beautiful flute that played enchanting Debussy, with a wonderful magical interpretation by Yael Acher”
– Dans Kritik (Dance Critique), Monna Dithmer, “Gutter and Red Carpet”, August 7, 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Temperament and Powerful Energy…with perfect technique came forth clearly in Hindemith’s Acht Stuche. It continues in J.S. Bach’s a minor partita. Seldom is a Baroque piece played with such a deep and clear expression. And with a legendary elegance!”
By Pol. Bornholm Times, August 6, 1997.