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“KAT” Modiano with Marsalis @ Blue Note NYC

Performance Location:
Blue Note, New York City, USA
Blue Note New York (

Performance Date: January 6, 2008

Delfeayo Marsalis group
Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano guest fluteist
Delfeayo Marsalis – Trombone
Jason Marsalis – Drums
David Pulphus – Bass
Victor Atkin – Piano

Biography – Delfeayo Marsalis (

“Acher raises the excitement level frequently by using overblowing techniques to ignite the collective voices.
” By Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine, June 2004

BUDDY & SOUL – “Sunny”

Performance Location:
Veltri Recording Studio,
Jersey City, NJ, USA

Performance Date: Recorded in March 2009

Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano – Flute & Efx
Anders “HOT” Nilssen- Guitar

Date of Creation:
Sunny” was written by Bobby Hebb in 1963.

BUDDY & SOUL – “Over the Rainbow”

Performance Location:
Veltri Recording Studio, 
Jersey City, NJ, USA

Performance Date:
Recorded on March 2009

Date of Creation:
“Over the Rainbow” – composed by Harold Arlen with lyrics by Yip Harburg.
Was written for the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz and was sung by actress Judy Garland in her starring role as Dorothy Gale.

Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano – Flute & Efx
Anders “HOT” Nilssen- Guitar

KAT- Free Jazz with Giants @ Joe’s Pub

Date of Creation: October 30, 2016

Performance Location:
Joe’s Pub, New York City, NY, USA

Performance Date: October 30, 2016

Yael Acher “KAT” Modinao – flute

David Haney – piano (Cadence Magazine),

Billy Martin– drums  (Medeski Martin and Wood)

Bassist Adam Lane – Bass

Daniel Carter– Soprano and Alto Saxophones

“The extreme changes between the sounds of pan flute and the crystal-clear trills showed the instrument incredible capacity for variation” 
By Tue Andersen Nexø, Information, October 8, 2002, Denmark.

Album title: MODIANO 

Genre: Electro-acoustic Jazz.

All music by Yael Acher “KAT” modianoArtists: “KaT”-inDustrial: Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano: composition, scores, flute and electronic tracks, leading, Peter Dahlgren- trombone, Nils Davidsen- Double Bass, Kresten Osgood: Drums and Rap.

Album Program: 8 tracks by Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano

Total Time: 44:42 min

Record label: MODIANO 0203
Release on April 2003 in Denmark and globally (CDs and online platforms)
Recorded at Sonic Sound, Copenhagen, Denmark on February 10th and 11th, 2003.
Sound engineering: Morten Søfting. Mixing and mastering by S.O.L. and Yael Acher. 
Production: Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano.