Time in Live Sound & Silent Motion Picture

Live Electro/Acoustic Music for Silent Film Screening

Soundtrack Composed and performed by Yael Acher aka “KAT” MODIANO: with Flute, Effects, and Electronics

“Hypnotic Visual and Audio Event…The intensity of Acher’s composition and live performance destabilized the silence …completed the film’s unsettling perception of reality and confronted it”- Uri Klein, Ha’aretz, April 2018

Contact and Booking:
Yael Acher aka “KAT” Modiano
Cell: +45- 60 90 66 04 (DK)
Cell: +1-917 301 2650 (USA- WhatsApp msg only)

For Booking in Europe: 

Phone +49 421 4348991
Cell: +49 170 7600160

Time in Live Sound is a “real-time” response to Silent Motion Picture, a time -based artifact of Weimar era cinema.
As an electro/acoustic flutist / composer, Modiano transforms the tradition of live music accompaniment of silent films to a contemporary representation. Through this art-performance hybrid, she merges the two eras and art mediums, while her music enhances the films’ emotional intensity and symbolic motifs.

Expressionism’s inherently non-conforming and soul searching is reflected in its visual and narrative aspects, displayed through expressive lurking, seemingly slow -motion yet intensely paced camera portrays the actors in elaborately haunting scenes.

“Like the camera’s lens, my live film score aims at capturing the film’s delicate nuances of subconscious undercurrents. Human psychology appears timeless, cutting through history, simultaneously illuminating and eliminating time.” (“KAT” Modiano)

Modiano’s contemporary live film score performance and attire enhance and accompanies screenings of Weimar era Expressionist cinema masterpieces that communicate an inner and outer chaotic state of mind/being through symbolism, stylized Art Deco scene settings, artistic costumes, modern fashion, fantasy, and social codes.

Modiano’s audio vocabulary exposes a versatile palate of sounds, stemming from universal eclecticism. Among elements typical to the Western classical music of 20th and 21st Centuries, Jazz, exotica, and other popular music, the soundtracks encompass also raw pulsating Industrial noise beats, and elements from ritualistic and spiritual music of indigenous cultures: Australian Aborigines, Native Americans, monastic spiritual Tibetan Buddhist chants, Japanese Zen music.
Time in Live Sound has been performed by Modiano at film festivals, cinemas and screening venues in NYC, USA, Europe and Israel. Numerous grants and awards have supported the project, including Goethe institute in Tel Aviv and in Copenhagen, Danish Musician Union, NY Foundation for Contemporary Arts’ Emergency Grant, and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and Fresh Fruit Festival, from New York City.