Contemporary Electro-acoustic
Flute Soundscapes

Music composed, improvised, and performed by Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano,
with Solo electro-acoustic Flute & Electronics tracks

The award winning, international, multiple genres flutist, composer, and Fulbright Scholar, Modiano has developed her own style of Contemporary Flute and electro-acoustic soundscape composition.
Modiano’s Electro-acoustic performance exposes a versatile palate of sounds, inspired primarily by a deep passion for universal eclecticism and improvisations. In addition to elements typical to the 20th and 21st Centuries modern music, one can find strong influences from ritualistic and spiritual music of indigenous cultures such as: Middle eastern Bedouins, Australian aborigines, Native Americans, monastic spiritual Tibetan Buddhists chants and Japanese Zen music.
Modiano’s flute sonority attributes to the aesthetics of the legendary French Classical-Flute School, while she is simultaneously challenging the conventional concepts of tonality, rhythm, harmony, and melody.

Merging her flute & effects or acoustic flute with prepared- electronic tracks, Modiano creates unique soundscapes of improvisational compositions.
This hybrid dimension of sound, created by the combination of prepared electronic audio material and live Flute, allows for a variety of surreal musical ambiance.

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– “The idea of light emerging, dying, emerging again is a sensual one and it is done here with great beauty and avocation” – New Music Connoisseur, NYC.

– “Kat’s solo flute pieces…track the poet’s thoughts as perfect correlative, in beautiful sine curves of sound that enrapture and illuminate our minds.”
By Phil’s Review, Atlanta Audio Club.

– “Added percussion, electronic manipulation, and sound effects too abstract to describe contribute to the music. Extended playing techniques such as simultaneous singing and playing, air attacks with no tone, bending pitches, and glissandos are fundamental to the sound palette. The tone quality in these pieces is great well centered, and deployed with much variety.“ By Gorman, CD Review- Guide to Records, American Record Guide. May/June issue 2021, page 12

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