d r e a m  c o l l a g e


Live Electro-Acoustic Flute & electronics and Image-Collage Screening. Created and performed by Fulbright scholar, international award-winning composer/flutist/educator, 
Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano

d r e a m   c o l l a g e is a non-narrative image-collage screening with composed and live electro-acoustic solo flute & efx & electronics and ritualistic-contemporary masks.
Encompassing multiple elements, the project is NOMADIC in that it can change and reflect the environment it is performed in. 

d r e a m   c o l l a g e merges elements from several ongoing performance/composition projects, which all feature “KAT” Modiano’s electro-acoustic composed/ improvised music through different genres:

  1. Time in Live Sound and Motion Pictures: solo flute & electronics live electro-acoustic soundtracks performed to screenings of Weimar era and other silent films (1920s). Music highlighting intense social and individual awareness through Expressionist cinema aesthetics.
  2. “KAT” Modiano Group: an eclectic, contemporary fusion-jazz ensemble
  3. Flute Soundscapes: solo performances of Contemporary pieces for solo flute & electronics & masks

The image-collage screening displays an ambiance of multi-cultural eclectic visual motifs from: visual art, expressionist silent cinema, urban scenarios, nature, abstract, shape, color, Indigenous and Western cultures, spiritual symbolism, and quotes and images of legendary peace / human rights activists.

This intense blend of associative impressions/expressions is an aesthetics that means to resonate with the collective and individual consciousness and sub-consciousness of our time. It deals with themes such as; social resistance, gender violence, racism, normativity, suppressions, love, dreams; and other social and environmental issues. 

The music combines different sound textures through multilayers of pre-composed electronic music/noise-art and rhythm pulses, combined with composed/live electro-acoustic improvisational flute & effects.

Audiences are exposed to a vast sound palate inspired primarily by cultural eclecticism and multiplicity; rhythmic, melodic, and sonorous elements of classical-contemporary, jazz, funk, spirituals, and ritualistic /spiritual music of indigenous cultures, far-eastern classical traditions.

Artist statement:
As a musician / music-activist working with different music genres and multimedia, I am inspired by the differences and similarities that exist among individuals, culturs, and social expressions.

I mean to create artistic expressions that convey the transformative and inclusive nature of Art. Taking the audience beyond differences and discriminations. Thus, allowing an inner and collective engaging experience that resonates within people of all ages and from all walks of life.

From the press:
“Added percussion, electronic manipulation, and sound effects too abstract to describe contribute to the music. Extended playing techniques such as simultaneous singing and playing, air attacks with no tone, bending pitches, and glissandos are fundamental to the sound palette. The tone quality in these pieces is great, well centered, and deployed with much variety.“

By Gorman, CD Review- Guide to Records, American Record Guide. May/June issue 2021, page 12

“Yael Acher a.k.a ’KAT’ Modiano is a unique phenomenon on a number of accounts. The flutist is equally fluent in jazz and classical music, as the present album bears witness.” By Phil’s Review, Atlanta Audio Club, November issue 2020, USA.

“Hypnotic Visual and Audio Event”- “…The intensity of her composition and live performance destabilized the silence that characterizes silent movies. Her music also completed the film’s unsettling perception of reality and confronted it”- by Uri Klein, Ha’aretzApril 8th, 2018, Israel.

 “Yael Acher is a flutist who isn’t about faking the funk…her hard-edged Junk Kat Modiano ensemble is run from the kick drum.”- by Steve Smith, Time Out New York, Magazine, February 14th-20th, 2008,

New York City, USA.

By Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano